Annie S.

Tour Guide at Wofford College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Clemson, SC

Major: Environmental Studies

Secondary Major: Government

Favorite Wofford Professor, and why?

My favorite Wofford Professor is probably Professor John Lane, because of his love for nature and passion for writing.

Why Wofford?

I was nominated by my guidance counselor to be a Wofford Scholar, and when I came to Scholars Day I was still on the fence about where I wanted to go to college. But as soon as I stepped foot onto campus and began meeting professors and students at the school, I knew I had found the place for me. The beauty of the campus and the community of people made it difficult to leave, so I put my application in that night and have never been happier about a decision in my life!

Advice to Incoming Students

Just, please don't procrastinate that term paper until the day before.

Fun Fact About Me

I have seen/read the entire Harry Potter series exactly 50 times.

I'm involved with...

Amnesty International Wofford Ambassadors
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