Emily B.

Tour Guide at Wofford College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Major: Biology

Advice to Incoming Students

My advice is to dive into the opportunities that are presented to you and to be open minded. College is full of opportunities that could be instrumental in life and in your future, and you never know what you might find through them.

Fun Fact About Me

I love seasonal Resse's. They are better than regular Reese's and are my guilty pleasure.

Favorite Wofford Professor, and why?

My favorite professor is Dr. Bass in the Chemistry department because he made my least favorite class enjoyable. He was accessible at any time and would spend his weekends at Wofford to help us make sure we understood the material. He also makes jokes in class and is caring of us individually.

Why Wofford?

I chose Wofford because I felt I had a place here. I loved seeing my tour guide saying hey to people they knew and constantly being surrounded by community. I also realized I wanted to be more than a number or just a face in the crowd, I wanted to be personally known in class and cared for as a student, and I felt that Wofford was a place where I could get that.

I'm passionate about...

Exercise Classes Hanging with Friends I'm pre-physical therapy I love anything related to the arts. Working with children

I'm involved with...

campus outreach Orientation Staff Ambassador Greek Life
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