Riley D.

Tour Guide at Wofford College


Class of 2023

Hometown: Sumter, SC, SC

Major: Biology

Secondary Major: English

Advice to Incoming Students

Don't stress about the college search process, everything will work itself out in time. You will be placed exactly where you are meant to be!

Favorite Wofford Professor, and why?

Dr. Lisa Cantwell! She makes learning about biology tons of fun. She even brings in random insects and crawly-creatures she finds around her house. Pretty cool, right??

Why Wofford?

I went to a very small high-school and I was extremely involved in various clubs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. We were a very tight-knit community; everybody was considered family. During the college search process, I was looking for that same family-like atmosphere, and there is no better way to describe Wofford than just that - a FAMILY. When I first stepped foot on campus, it felt as if Wofford, itself, gave me a big bear hug. The Wofford Community is unlike any other.

After Wofford, I want to...

Go to med school!

I'm passionate about...

Ministry Christmas Online Shopping Dancing to Groovy Music Puppies Tennis Poetry Chick-Fil-A Starbucks

I'm involved with...

AED Zeta Tau Alpha Campus Ambassadors Greek Life RUF
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