Elisabeth C.

Tour Guide at Wofford College

Class of 2020

Hometown: Greenville , SC

Major: Psychology

Minor: Chemistry

Advice to Incoming Students

Whether you make Wofford your home or another school your home make sure you take time for yourself and take time to explore your new city! Self care is very important in college so make time to take a study break and hang out with friends and watch a movie every now and then! You deserve it! Also take time to meet your professors and get to know them! The more you go to them to get help with school or just to chat the more they will get to know you and that could help a lot when it comes time for letters of recommendation for jobs or graduate schools! Recommendation letters mean so much more when a professor can speak to your personality and character rather than just your grades!

Favorite Wofford Professor, and why?

Dr. Bass in the Chemistry department! He is one of the most helpful and caring professors I've had at Wofford. He truly cares about the success of his students and will do whatever is necessary to help them succeed, even if it means staying past 5pm and coming in both days of the weekend to help students. Plus he made organic chemistry the most fun class I've had at Wofford. Only a special person could make organic chemistry fun!

Fun Fact About Me

I really love to travel and want to travel after I graduate! I went to Tanzania my sophomore year and I'm going to Israel this year! Hopefully I will make it to Europe after graduation!

Why Wofford?

When I stepped foot onto Wofford's campus I could feel something different about it that I had not personally experienced at any other school. I felt this strong sense of community amongst the students and the faculty that was unlike any other school I visited. Everyone is supportive of each other and we all do what we can to make everyone feel like Wofford is their home.

I'm passionate about...

Family and Friends Baking Painting Music

I'm involved with...

American Chemical Society campus outreach WOFFORD ACTIVITIES COUNCIL Young Life Greek Life
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