Beth D.

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Class of 2021

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, SC

Major: Biology

Secondary Major: Pre Medicine

My Schedule:

Friday Afternoons

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Fun Fact About Me

I have never broken a bone and I was born at 11:11 am.

Why Wofford?

For the relationships. With Wofford being such a small school, you will get to know everyone. I so value the fact that I literally am unable to walk from one side of campus to the other without saying hello to at least 5 people along the way. I love that my professors not only know my name, but know me as a person. I love that Ms. Kathy knows the kind of pancakes I like in the mornings. I love that I have to budget in an extra 15 minutes when I go to study so that I can chat with whoever I know in the Great Oaks Hall before I can really get down to business. These relationships are so important and really make Wofford feel like home.

After Wofford, I want to...

pursue a gap year before attending Medical School. Wofford has given me so many amazing opportunities and tools to help me be successful in this field and I look so forward to using the knowledge I gained at Wofford to help me in my post-grad life.

Favorite Wofford Professor, and why?

This is such a hard question because I have be so blessed to have so many amazing professors! If I absolutely had to choose, I would choose Dr. Mitchell in the Biology Department. I have been fortunate enough to take four different classes from Dr. Mitchell, each of which I have enjoyed more than the last-- he has been such a great professor who I have gotten the chance to learn so much from. Dr. Mitchell is so dedicated to helping all of his students and is also so passionate about what he teaches. I was able to spend the Summer of 2020 working alongside Dr. Mitchell in his lab at Wofford where he taught me about the basics of research and also got to share the passion he has for marine ecosystem research. Dr. Mitchell has been an amazing mentor to me and I love running into him around campus and getting the chance to catch up! Wofford is very lucky to have so many great professors like Dr. Mitchell!

I'm passionate about...

Working Out Being Outside going on walks Watching Netflix Fashion Boating Going to the Beach Going Out to Eat Listening to podcasts Sports

I'm involved with...

Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Fraternity Biology Teacher Assistant Free Clinic Volunteer Chemistry Teacher Assistant Greek Life
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